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    In just some months after training with Moe, I was able to get over 20 coaching clients making over $25,000.  Even though I just started my advanced training, I’ve already got a $15,000 client!

    Caleb Buenconsejo

Do You DEMAND The Best?

We only want to work with those who demand the best and are willing to provide the best! We want you to be fully convinced you want to join us. Examine this page to understand why you should join us. When you are 'Oh heck yeah!' excited because you want us to help you in elevating your platform, say 'yes' to yourself first! Then, only once you are 100% convinced we are the absolute best program in the world, apply to enroll with us!

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I'm Seeking Authentic, Mission-Driven, Heart-Centric Speakers, Coaches and Trainers to work directly with me.

- Maurice W. Evans, America's Favorite Business Coach™

A Complete Biz-In-A-Box


A complete, franchise-quality system provides all training, forms, software and tools needed to successfully run your speaking or coaching business.


Our systems give you the complete blueprint to win.

Business Startup Guides


Will You work from home? An Office? What are Corporate Structure Options? How do you set pricing? Have you been self-employed before? What are the most important things to know about running a business? How do you evaluate your product ideas?


Our Guides will direct you.

Ad Templates Credits For Your Biz


We will give you free advertising credits to use online to get new customers from people searching places like Google, Facebook & Bing! We also give you access to the online university that will teach you HOW to advertise on these platforms.


Our Templates create complete sales funnels FOR you!

A Professional Industry Certification


Once you have one of our various certifications as a speaker, trainer or coach you will immediately be able to command higher fees and go after bigger opportunities.   Earning the respect of your prospects and peers will be automatic because your experience has been vetted and recognized by a major organization.


Our certification lets you piggyback our major brand’s influence.

Major National Coverage


Once you get certified set-up, our branding program will GUARANTEE you Major National News Media Coverage announcing it on major news sites like affiliates of ABC, CBS, NBC, CW & FOX, as well as features in,, & More!


Our programs make sure you are recognized for your expertise!

You, Bestselling Author


Combining your major “as seen on” with turning you into a bestselling author changes the trajectory of your career…forever.  You will be known as the big-name, go-to person in your Industry Niche.


The Superstar Status you get from our program will last forever!

Continuous Major National Media


Once you get you are certified, our exposure program will GUARANTEE you your own major podcast distributed on itunes, iheartmedia  & More!


Our program keeps you out front and center generating success!

Major National Exposure


Once you get certified, our exposure program will GUARANTEE you can be included in our major video/film/tv shows including distribution on Amazon Prime Network!


Our program puts you head and shoulders above other coaches/speakers!

Major National Coverage


Once you get you certified, our exposure program ensures you stay current and relevant.  The program GUARANTEES you regular Major National News Media Coverage on news affiliate sites like ABC, NBC, CBS, BizJournals, HuffPost, Associated Press & More!


Our program makes sure you stay relevant to the media!

Ongoing Mastermind Mentoring


You get access to our private facebook mastermind group for daily updates and mentoring to help you grow your business. The group provides you the opportunity to solve problems, brainstorm with your peers, support one another, and create major successes.


You are in business FOR yourself but not By yourself.

Regular Trainings


Special calls on weekly and monthly basis provide you with on-going support to help you grow your business and face any challenges you may have.


Your success is our success!

Student Triad Groups


Triads are ongoing relationships you will have with two other students.  Triads allow you to experience 3 very important aspects of coaching: Being a COACH/SPEAKER, being COACHED by someone, and having the experience of OBSERVING the entire process – allowing you to learn how to use learned principles while coaching or speaking to others.


Our Templates create complete sales funnels FOR you!

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